Tips for choosing a car Tattoo design

Many people love their cars or certain kinds of cars and want to show it by a permanent tattoo design on their body. Tattoos are a mark of our belief in something. The something could be a relationship, a symbol, an image – anything. A tattoo is made by a pigment inserted into the dermal layer of the skin through ruptures in the skin’s top layer.

For first timers Cars and automobiles are a very popular category of tattoos. These tattoos come in many styles:

Vintage Car Tattoos – these tattoos look best in black or white. These would mostly be cars from the 40s and 50s. Popular cars are 55 Porsche 356, mercury, 57 Chevrolet.

Race Car Tattoos – Some people choose to add their favorite race car with the track or a building and sometimes an image of a driver. These tattoos look best in color.

Monster truck Tattoos – these tattoos are mostly big and large and flashy.

Hot Rod tattoos – some hot rod designs used are large classic Ford emblem, a 1934 ford, a 50s police car.

The choice of a tattoo and color of a tattoo depends a lot on the kind of tattoo you go in for. In tattoos like the car tattoos, coloring is a must.  Most people go in for either bright or muted colors. It all depends on your choice of a car. A race car tattoo would probably be a bright green, yellow, orange or red. Classic car tattoos are mostly picked out in traditional black, white, gray or beige.

There are numerous ways to remove the car tattoo ink from the skin. Most lasers used for tattoo removal are Q-switched lasers. MedLite C6 is best known as the industry’s gold standard laser for multi-colored tattoo removal. If you do not want to remove a tattoo completely Melbourne Tatt Removal gives you the option of fading a tattoo.

Mostly black and dark colored inks can be removed completely whereas yellow and green colored inks are the hardest to remove. This is because the black pigment absorbs all laser wavelengths. Green on the other hand can absorb selective laser light. Hence a green ink tattoo would require selected lasers based on the pigment color. The degree of ink removal also depends on other factors such as size, location, duration of the tattoo etc. New tattoos may also be more difficult to remove than old ones.

It takes more than one treatment to remove an entire tattoo. Treatments normally last only a few minutes. Time between two sessions can range from 2 to 3 weeks. Again the number of sessions depends on the quality and type of ink used.

Doctors recommend Tylenol for minor aches and pains prior to the schedule. Asprin is not recommended as aspirin and other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents such as Ibuprofen can produce pronounced bruising after treatment.

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